Our Centre has become popular with schools and local agencies who have identified pupils with a need for additional support in Maths and English. During the day we have morning and afternoon slots where pupils will come to supplement what they are doing elsewhere, either back at school or offsite. When combined with other educational packages, the sessions can improve progress and results in the core subjects that can often be neglected on placements.

Throughout the day we have Maths and English specialists who deliver sessions to individuals and small groups from Key Stage 2 through Key Stage 4. Customers can expect a reliable and quality teaching service that caters for their own and the young people’s individual needs.

In the evenings we are open for revision sessions to years 10 and 11 and often have schools that allocate a number of each year group to attend weekly in Maths and English lessons until exams.

Referring professionals will receive regular email updates detailing attendance, punctuality, attitude towards learning and information of any target setting that has been done. Where needed, reports will be prepared for any formal event requiring up to date, relevant and useful information