How can a school or Local Authority make a referral to Next Level Learning?

Easy, by emailing or calling us on 01942 255782. We will then ask you what you are looking for and email across a referral from for you to complete. After, leave it to us and we will ring to arrange a start day and time for the session!

How does the tutor know what level to set the work at?

Next Level Learning work closely with the referring professional to gather all the information needed about the student. Then we work to those exam boards and levels. We also can use initial assessments such as BKSB to identify any gaps in Maths and/or English.

How is feedback reported?

Weekly reports are emailed out to the referrer that details what the student has covered that week and any homework set. Where applicable half termly or termly reports can be sent, and meetings can be attended by a member of the NLL team to update other professionals on the student’s progress. Daily attendance can also be reported on request.

Do you teach small groups or just 1-1?

Yes, we teach groups of up to 3 students (if larger groups are required please get in touch to see if we can accommodate)

How long are the sessions?

Our sessions can range from 1 hour per week to 4 hours per day.