Outreach tuition is where we started back in 2014. Our team of tutors are accustomed to working in various environments including schools, classrooms, libraries, community facilities, offices, homes and care facilities. We have provided tuition to hundreds of pupils on behalf of many different referring professionals.

Tutors are well equipped with resources, stationary and plenty of experience in order to make sure they can provide the best tuition in all settings. When needed, our team will find a suitable, convenient location for tuition to take place and maximise learning.

For Maths and English, initial assessments are conducted to ensure delivery is pitched appropriately. Discussions about subjects will take place at the referral stage and can be reviewed at the request of the school.

All tutors are DBS checked, trained in safeguarding and recruited in line with Safer Recruitment guidelines.

Referring professionals will receive regular email updates detailing attendance, punctuality, attitude towards learning and information of any target setting that has been done. Where needed, reports will be prepared for any formal event requiring up to date, relevant and useful information.